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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Where did the name of the library come from?

    Nano represents something small and lightweight, which is consistent with the goal of the toolkit. Also, Nano is the nickname of the primary developer.
  2. What PHP version is required?

    Nanodicom has been tested in PHP 5.2.6+. Should work on Solaris, Linux and Windows.
  3. Where can I get support for this library?

    There is a Google group where questions can be asked; otherwise, drop me an email: nanodocumet at gmail.
  4. Can I create DICOM files from scratch?

    Even though is not documented, it should be possible to create DICOM files from scratch. I will try to create a sample case for it.
  5. Who uses Nanodicom?

    Nanodicom is being used heavily in a Web Front-end solution at my day job.
    I know there is a project in Germany that uses it WEB-DICOMVIEWER.
    Also a student in Taiwan mentioned Nanodicom in his/her thesis: Thesis.
    Also in Taiwan, another project uses Nanodicom Medical Image Cloud
    Vedim: Submission of vetenary cases for interpretation by a specialist. Nanodicom generates jpg images from uploaded DICOM files:
    NeuroImaging Database (NIDB) at Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center: NIDB
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